Easy Stick Polyurethane Tactile Pads

Easy Stick Polyurethane Tactile Pads

Are a cost effective solution to install ground surface indicators or tactiles for the vision impaired.

They are easy enough to install yourself!

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  • Fast and easy to install you can do it yourself!
  • Cost Effective
  • Compliant with AS/NZS 4586: 2004 (appendix A)
  • Suitable inside and outside
  • Stick to any surface
  • We can install them, or you can DIY
  • Designed not to fade or discolour - are UV and VIS light resistant
  • Not affected by extremely high temperatures
  • Durable and attractive
  • Can be walked on right after installation
  • Shipped Australia wide

Easy Stick Tactile Pads are easy to install you just need to peel and stick them to the desired surface, with little or no down time.Cover Tactiles Brochure

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These easy peel and stick tactiles are made from polyurethane which means they are very durable and attractive.

Easy stick tactile pads meet the AS/NZS 4586:2004 (appendix A) standard in test report 186/2009 dated the 17th November 2009 and are suitable for; Entry Foyers, Shopping Centres, Lift lobbies, Shops, Fast Food Outlets, Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities, Communal Changing Rooms, Toilet Facilities, Undercover Stadiums and many other areas!

ColoursColours Available
Charcoal, Yellow, Grey

Design Styles
Easy Stick Tactile Pads are made from polyurethane and the 300mm x 300mm tactile squares are not affected by extremely high temperature. The Peel and Stick installation makes laying the tactile easy with little downtime, the surface can be walked on immediately. You can order from us and do it yourself!

The tactiles are suitable for any surface including: concrete, bitumen, tiles, vinyl, marble, plastic, paving and timber.

Concrete and Outside Installations
To install the tactile pads outdoors, the surface must be sealed with a solvent free primer (supplied) before laying the tactile. This prevents moisture from seeping through and making the tiles lift.

Floor N Stair tactile pads are distributed Australia wide, the easy installation process means no mess and little or no clean up, you can Do It Yourself!

Polyurethane for the Cost of Rubber.

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