platform railing height

what is the appropriate height for fall protection railing?

what is the appropriate height for fall protection railing? there are many different types of railings on the market, not to mention the 2x4 or wire rope job-built railings you find on many construction sites.【Get Price】

deck railing height diagrams and code tips

the minimum height of the railing varies based on the height of the deck. decks 24' to 5-10' 180 cm need 36' guards and anything above 5-10' requires a 42' high railing. respect minimum height requirements【Get Price】

the osha requirements for guard rail heights legal beagle

height of guard rails. the top edge of the guard rails must be between 39 and 45 inches above the walking area, taking account of all circumstances. for example, if employees are using elevated footwear for some reason, the top of the rails will need to be correspondingly higher. it is not sufficient to follow the letter of the osha standard.【Get Price】


at least one clear floor or ground space 30 inches by 48 inches minimum must be provided at each location that has a railing height of 34 inches maximum. if there are no railings, at least one clear space must be provided on a pier or platform.【Get Price】

what is the maximum height for a terrace without a guard rail?

guards shall be located along open-sided walking surfaces, including mezzanines, equipment platforms, stairs, ramps and landings that are located more than 30 inches 762 mm measured vertically【Get Price】

compliance of stair and platform railings with height

which of these stair and platform railing heights are compliant with §1910.23, and which are most preferred? response: while osha cannot fully judge the compliance of these railings from the dings, the second and third dings appear to comply with the height requirements of §1910.23 e .【Get Price】

railway platform height

there are two standard heights of platforms in russia; they are 200 and 1,100 mm 7.9 and 43.3 in above rail heads. 1,100 mm 43.3 in high platforms are gradually changing to 550 mm 21.7 in platform height.【Get Price】

talk:railway platform height

russian metro platform height is 1100mm above rail. san francisco bart platform height is about 960mm above rail. 07:04, 23 march 2012 utc platform height and train floor height by country. platform height and train floor height by country: afghanistan, pakistan and central asia mainline platform : 200mm【Get Price】

guardrails: design criteria, building codes

height: where required, guardrail height must be a minimum of 42 inches above the leading edge of the tread or walking surface. opening limitations: open guards shall have balusters or ornamental patterns such that a 4 inch diameter sphere cannot pass through any opening up to a height of 34 inches. from 34 inches to 42 inches above the walking surface, a sphere 8 inches in diameter shall not pass.【Get Price】


7 when the top edge of a stair rail system also serves as a handrail, the height of the top edge shall be not more than 37 inches 94 cm nor less than 36 inches 91.5 cm from the upper surface of the stair rail system to the surface of the tread, in line with the face of the riser at the forward edge of the tread.【Get Price】

work at height

guardrails fitted all the way around every platform at a minimum height of 950mm and with a maximum 470mm vertical gap between the guardrails and the platform; a built in access ladder or staircase for safe ascent and descent; 4 stabilisers of the correct size for the height of the tower ; toe boards to prevent the fall of any materials【Get Price】

five key osha standards for work platforms

osha 1910.29 b 1 : the top edge height of top rails, or equivalent guardrail system members, are 42 inches 107 cm , plus or minus 3 inches 8 cm , above the walking-working surface. the top edge height may exceed 45 inches 114 cm , provided the guardrail system meets all other criteria.【Get Price】

osha railing requirements

42 inch minimum height; required if 48 inches or greater drop from walking surface top rail, intermediate rail and posts; intermediate rail at about halfway up must have a toe board; osha railing requirements for stair railing: required on stairs with four or more risers; 30 to 34 inches in height; intermediate rail at about halfway up【Get Price】

osha requirements for guardrail compliance

1910.23 e 1 a standard railing shall consist of top rail, intermediate rail, and posts, and shall have a vertical height of 42 inches nominal from upper surface of top rail to floor【Get Price】

know the requirements for general industry -- occupational

for general industry, the trigger height for providing fall protection is 4 feet with exceptions for construction, scaffolding, fixed ladders, dangerous equipment, and utility work .【Get Price】

safety and handrails: don't come up short safety

take note of the following guidelines when installing standard railings: standard railings must consist of a top rail, immediate rail, and posts. they must have a vertical height of 42 inches from the upper surface of the top rail to the floor, platform, ramp or runway level. top rails must be smooth-surfaced throughout their entire length.【Get Price】

railings: guardrails, stair rails, and handrailings: codes

when the top edge of a stair rail system also serves as a handrail, the height of the top edge must be no more than 37 inches 94 cm nor less than 36 inches 91.5 cm from the upper surface of the stair rail to the surface of the tread. stair rails installed after march 15,1991, must be not less than 36 inches 91.5 cm in height.【Get Price】

building code for railings

re: building code for railings the basics are this: any raised platform 24' or more above the surface below must be guarded by a railing. the height of that railing varies with the height above the grade, but 42' should be safe. at no point should a 4' ball be able to squeeze through or under the railing.【Get Price】