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cheap fix for a rotten boat floor part 1 of 2 - youtube

cheap fix for a rotten boat floor part 1 of 2 installing new plywood seat boxes and remove all the original plywood floor. then replace the stringers underneath. repair cement crack in【Get Price】

boat deck coating and repair rubberized paint - sani-tred

sani-tred is a waterproofing system that works great for boat deck coating and repair. our products work to seal, resurface and protect your boat. learn more about rubberized deck coatings and how to re-vamp your vessel with our boat deck paints and tutorials【Get Price】

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how to replace a floor in a boat cover the plywood flooring pieces with a fiberglass mat, and seal in place using a fiberglass resin. when the resin has dried, you may wish to smooth off any rough edges with a soft sander. drill screw holes in the dried fiberglass mat.【Get Price】

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hello i just installed new floors in my boat and used 3/4 marine plywood. the cost between marine plywood and a good quality non marine plywood is not much. i did a lot of research before i started and found that epoxy resin is worth the high cost, i used west system products.【Get Price】

replacing wood floor in lund aluminum fishing boat boat

i have serious rot in the plywood floor of my 17 ft. lund alum. fishing boat. it will need to be totally replaced, and i plan to do it myself. is it correct that pressure-treated plywood should not be used if fiberglassing is planned to encapsulate the plywood? if this is true, then is marine plywood what i need?【Get Price】

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plywood for boat flooring??? discussion in ' i built an electric pontoon a few years ago and used marine plywood and rolled on truck bed liner and its holding up good so far but if i were to do it over again i would go with plastic. i've been doing some research on replacing the floor in my boat 88 four winns 160 freedom on iboats【Get Price】

boat deck and floor restoration tutorial, how to fix, mend

boat deck and floor restoration tutorial, how to fix, mend and replace rotten plywood, fiberglass uk james ford how i replaced my boats under floor flotation with foaming polyurethane resin【Get Price】

how to: deck repair with plywood and epoxy resin - sail

on many boats, decks are cored with end-grain balsa or plywood with a fiberglass laminate on each side. its not unusual for moisture to find its way into this wooden core. stanchion bases and chainplates often leak as a boat ages, and often holes are drilled in the deck for new hardware【Get Price】

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re: replacing plywood on boat floor peanut butter is resin mixed with wood flour to the consistancy of pb i.e. it stays on the mixing stick . if the gap is larger than 1/4 inch or the hull slopes away too quickly, you may need to glue 1x1 inch peices of wood under the gap to hold the glue and the new floor.【Get Price】

how to repair plywood hunker

plywood can be part of a wall, floor, ceiling, roof or even a boat. it can become scratched, cut, gouged, dented, blistered, separated or rotted. if damage to the plywood is not so extensive that it requires complete replacement, the damaged areas can be repaired.【Get Price】

coosa board coosa composites boat decking material

bluewater 26 coosa board can be used as an exact replacement for any plywood decking as long as you use the same thickness installed in the my floor was so narrow in that boat that it had no stringers under the floor just the keel for supporti installed 1/2 coosa and i found it flexed under foot more than i liked so i would recommend【Get Price】

how do you replace a boat floor?

to replace a boat floor, remove all items on the floor, take out the old floor, and use it to cut plywood for the replacement flooring. coat the new floor pieces with epoxy, and attach them in place. place fiberglass mat on the plywood, seal it, and lay a floor covering.【Get Price】

repairing delaminated plywood using epoxy hunker

delamination occurs when the adhesive of a plywood veneer fails and the top layer separates from the rest of the plywood. you can repair sound, dry plywood suffering from delamination using an epoxy resin. if the moisture damage extends to the fibers beneath the plywood's veneer, though, you can't save the plywood.【Get Price】

how to repair a damaged floor in a boat sportsrec

set the repair patch in place and use the cordless drill to drive the screws and complete the repair patch. replace the carpet or use a fiberglass repair kit to finish the surface of the floor. tips. the length of the wood screws is equal to the combined thickness of the floor and the marine plywood.【Get Price】

stringer repairs in fiberglass boats - epoxyworks

stringer repairs in fiberglass boats. by brian knight. use wood where wood was used, plywood for plywood, foam for foam, etc. attempt to duplicate the species of wood used in the stringer as well as the dimensions of the wood. they may not run the entire length of the boat. complete replacement of the damaged stringer may be much easier【Get Price】

repairing a runabout floor or pontoon deck - epoxyworks

a common source of problems on open runabouts and pontoon boats is the cockpit floor or deck. this part of the boat is usually just a layer of plywood screwed down to the top of stringers and frames. many have a layer of carpet or vinyl flooring material glued onto the plywood.【Get Price】

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small boat repair. the following video shows how easy it is to repair small plywood boats by replacing panels on a boat which, has been built over a wooden frame. mark the position of the frames by drilling as described above. cut away the old ply then proceed as if building from new.【Get Price】

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the hull truth - boating and fishing forum > boating forums > the boating forum > replacing the plywood decking on my boat. log in. plywood for boat constuction is a touchy subject. where water from washing a bus floor is trapped between the rubber or vinyl flooring and the plywood, rot is a factor, and a given in areas of high humidity【Get Price】

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i have an 18' jon boat - need to replace floor and it requires a 5' x 10' sheet. my options are: 1/2' medium density overlay mdo plywood - $150 3/4' medium density overlay mdo plywood - $200.090 aluminum - $250 plywood advantages: cheaper. it is easy to work with, can be screwed into floor.【Get Price】