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Floor n Stair Safety is dedicated to preventing falls and injuries in commercial settings including the workplace. We provide a range of products built to reduce slips and falls.

We have been supplying and installing anti slip safety products for over 6 years.

Floor and Stair Safety carry a varied range of products to suit all aspects of safety in the workplace or home.

Our products are designed to meet or exceed Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) requirements. We understand that to make a work place safe the number of slips and falls needs to be reduced.

We are fully insured and offer free anti-slip assessments in the work place.

DIY or we can install it for you!

Our products include

Tactiles, Stair Nosings, Stair Treads, Antislip Plates


Our quality Tactile Indicators are a warning device for the visually impaired. Tactiles can be felt under foot and caution the visually impaired individual of an impending hazard such as stairs, ramps, roads, escalators, car park crossings etc. Our Tactile Indicators are designed to fit Australian Standards (AS/NZS: 1428)and Building Codes of Australia and should be used under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)

Stair Nosings

We offer a range of stair nosings available which can be installed on inside and outside stairs. Our stair nosings have a dual function, to highlight the step edge by being in bright colours and offering a tactile change underfoot; the other function is the antislip function. Click here to view our range of aluminium nosings and here for industrial marine reinforced anti-slip nosings. Our nosings are designed to remain antislip in wet conditions. Stair nosings can be installed on concrete, wood and metal stairs.

Stair Treads

Our antislip stair treads can be retrofitted to metal, wooden and concrete stairs. Our stair treads are made to measure and work to reduce slippage on interior and exterior stairways.

Anti Slip Plates

Floor n Stair Safety anti-slip plates are manufactured with the same materials as stair treads and stair nosings, they are suitable to areas where there is high exposure to salt water and offer a high resistance to chemicals, the plates are non-conductive, non-magnetic and contain a fire retardant.


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